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I put the
    Halle in
Made by Halle.

+ I love big hugs 

+ Home for me is Hays, Kansas, but I love and live in Kansas City!

+ You'll probably find me at a thrift store or coffee shop near you

+ Avid audiobook listener

+ I dropped out of University to pursue photography (K-state baby!)

+ My astrology sun is in Capricorn

+ My home is my safe space

+ Planning dinner parties is my newest personality trait

+ My favorite apps are Libby, Facebook Marketplace, and Pinterest



"Our friendship started with a photoshoot, and after that, the rest of is history.


The universe that Halle creates is one where I feel comfortable, energized, and confident. Comfortability is one of Halle's greatest strengths. She asked me the right questions in preparation to create a space for me, who was never comfortable in front of a camera. It wasn't my first nature to have my photo taken, yet I stepped into her studio and immediately felt at ease. I didn't need to know my angle, she already had that covered. I was able to get creative and allow myself to step into this scene. I felt energized with each shot. Halle was excited, cheering when she took a photo. I was/am THAT GIRL. I felt confident during our time together and when I saw the edited photos, I saw that same confidence and light within myself. 

On top of a wonderful experience, Made by Halle as a business is just as intentional. Halle has poured herself into it- Through every photo, every edit, every word, and every mentorship. She sees you and the photo before it's even taken.


Her world is Made by Halle, and trust me, you'll want to be a part of it too."



It seems almost surreal how much photography has changed my life. 

3X7A7857-3 copy.jpg

It's allowed me to help people feel seen with the opportunity of loving those with a different background than I. I don't take this life lightly, nor can I dismiss how honored I am that you've taken the time to hear and see me. 

If you need me, I'll be ever trusting, still following my stars, and beautifully ready for what's yet to be.

All love and fiercely free, this little life is so promising, 

just my camera and me.

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